Workforce health and wellbeing are executives’ and HR leaders’ top workforce concerns, according to Mercer research. And they are a key element of the employee experience.


Wellbeing is about creating a caring culture to ensure your employees and your business thrive. But in an environment defined by constant change, companies face challenges in providing a health and wellbeing experience that’s flexible and that employees value. Employers struggle with new approaches, including how to create benefits that truly benefit a diverse workforce.


By listening to employees, using a human-centered design approach to support the workforce in an inclusive and equitable way, and holding partners accountable for driving value, companies can help ensure their benefits offer the support employees really want and need to build and protect their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.


To maximize the value of their benefits, employers should consider these crucial areas:

Mental health. The pandemic will leave lasting mental health issues — including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and substance abuse — that will need to be addressed. Don’t overlook the psychological impact the virus is having on your employees — what measures can you put in place to help them cope?

Caregiving. Being a caregiver is a significant responsibility. The challenges it brings can compromise caregivers’ wellbeing and productivity. Many are feeling the strain more acutely than ever before — what steps can you take to help reduce the stress and provide meaningful support?

Diversity, equity and inclusion. Diverse workforces have different health needs. These differences have implications for employee benefits. How can you design benefits that address different groups’ unique health risks and promote access to better healthcare for all?

Navigating care. Employees need tools and resources that will help them choose the providers and care settings (for example, telemedicine) that are right for their situation and condition. How can you help your employees choose the path to care that’s most efficient while still providing quality and value?


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