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Continuously extend the value of your cloud solution

One of the great benefits of a true SaaS solution is the innovation it continuously delivers in the cloud.


  • How to organize the Support?
  • How to set up a continuous improvement process?
  • How to anticipate and take advantage of the constant innovation brought?
  • How do we ensure adoption, commitment, training and best use by all?


Our clients benefit from the dual business and technology expertise of Mercer's teams. Our service center develops flexible offerings with the objective of providing our clients with a center of excellence to Support, Operate and Optimize their investments and the business value they can derive from them.

Our domains of support post Go Live : 

  • Payroll Services

    Workday-based outsourced payroll


    Your Workday solution combined with expert services.


    The days of relying on your payroll vendor and their proprietary technology are over. Now you can take advantage of the best of cloud technology through Workday and still benefit from outsourced services from a specialist.


    You have the most modern technology in France, unified with your global HRIS, a compliant, agile, innovative and up-to-date payroll solution and optimal services to manage your personnel administration and payroll processes.


    Key success factors


    - Rely on a flexible partner who understands your challenges.

    - Get the best of technology and the best of outsourced payroll services.

    - Gain in efficiency, compliance and management capacity.

    - Benefit from economies of scale and quality service.

    - To be able to focus on steering rather than transactional.

    - To be able to easily take over its processes internally or transfer the management of them.


    Our added value 


    Mercer offers customers using Workday HCM, HR and Payroll services directly from their Workday platform.

    From support to full outsourcing of personnel administration and payroll, companies rely on Mercer as an extension of their HR department and benefit from economies of scale, optimised costs, flexible services and best practices.

  • Maintenance

    Maintain and develop your digital platform 



    Digital platforms cover many areas. Keeping in-house knowledge of all the functionalities, configuration, what is possible to do or not can be complex.


    Mercer provides flexible solutions on site or remotely, on demand or in support and maintenance contracts.


    Key success factors


    Your organization is changing and your digital solutions are evolving.


    Optimize and extend the use and added value of the solution.


    → Understand the business and the solution.

    → Have access to the right level of support.

    → Be able to rely on the right level of configuration expertise.

    → Monitor innovation and functionality.

    → Understand the processes and what the unification of the HR and Finance IS brought by the solution allows.


    Our added value


    Mercer supports companies in the maintenance of digital solutions, in particular for:

    - configuration maintenance;

    - maintenance of integrations and interfaces with your other applications;

    - the maintenance of your repositories;

    - maintenance of documentation;

    - evolutions and implementation of new features;

  • Support

    Support and continuous improvement of your digital solutions



    The implementation of a SaaS solution is a major change. Halfway between the internal solution and an outsourced service, the SaaS solution changes the relationship of users to the information system.


    It is now accessible via the web, based on a philosophy of decentralization of processes and direct access by all to the information system. Its evolution also changes since it benefits from constant version upgrades (2 per year).


    It is therefore necessary to ensure :

    - the level of use;

    - the way the medium is organized;

    - the level of functionality used in relation to what is available;

    - user training;

    - the development of the value it generates for the company;


    Key success factors


    The main key success factors for continuously improving the value generated by an investment in a digital solution are:


    - the permanent demonstration of the value that the use of a digital solution contributes to the company;

    - the effective adoption of the digital solution by the users;

    - rationalization of the investment through the implementation of additional functionalities that make sense;

    - the ability to get employees to focus on how they can use the information they have access to make better, faster, more effective management decisions;

    - the ability to integrate a continuous flow of improvement and innovation.


    Our added value

    Mercer provides daily support to companies that have implemented digital solutions.


    Our services include:

    - outsourced user support or support to your internal cell;

    - use audits and evolution studies;

    - deployment support (geographical, new features, new entities, ...)

    - monitoring (anticipation of new versions, impact analysis of new functionalities before deciding to implement them, etc.);

    - tests during version upgrades;

    - support for the integration of the platform;

    - reporting ;

    - change management and training of users to the digital solution;

    - business processes: optimization of processes and their configuration;

    - the implementation of e-learning support adapted to your processes.

  • Evolution of digital solutions

    Advise our customers on a daily basis, for the best use of digital solutions



    An organization lives, changes and transforms constantly.


    A digital solution such as ServiceNow or Workday, by its unique design, allows a permanent optimization of processes and an ability to align organization, processes and systems.


    Mercer supports companies that have implemented digital solutions to better align strategy, organisations, processes and systems.


    Key success factors


    The main key success factors for permanently improving the value generated by an investment in a digital solution are:


    ·the permanent demonstration of the value that the use of the solution contributes to the company;

    - the effective adoption of the solution by users;

    - rationalization of the investment through the implementation of additional functionalities that make sense;

    - the ability to integrate a continuous flow of improvement and innovation.


    Our added value


    Mercer supports companies that have implemented digital solutions on a daily basis on:

    - optimization of HR, Payroll or Finance organization and operations;

    - process re-engineering;

    - optimization of repositories;

    - use of Reporting, Insights Apps, Big Data strategy to improve data quality;

    - expertise on demand;

    - implementation of strategic areas: Strategic planning, Workforce planning, 

  • Cloud Support

    A flexible approach to cloud support



    Cloud solutions are delivered in a way that is radically different from that of a traditional IS. They introduce a change in the traditional approach to support, application maintenance, deployment and the role of the HR department, the CFO and the IT department in support and in the relationship with the publisher.


    - What support organization should be put in place?

    - What skills are needed?

    - How to ensure the monitoring of the chosen solution?

    - How to ensure the best possible use of the Cloud IS and the direct access it offers to a large number of users?

    - How to set up and deploy the new features?

    - How to ensure quality, responsive support at the best cost?


    Key success factors


    The key factors of success related to the implementation of an effective support are :


    - a deep understanding of the characteristics of a Cloud solution and what these solutions redesign as roles and responsibilities between vendors and user companies;

    - the evolution of the role of the IT department, the CFO and the HRD in the support of the solution, its use and its deployment;

    - the use of skills and work methods that align people, processes and technology;

    - the ability to anticipate the availability of new features or improvements by publishers and the ability to manage the impact on users and the company as a whole.


    Our added value


    Mercer's Cloud HR/FINS support services offer a flexible approach to IT support. Our clients have access to our service center's cloud expertise, tools and methods, capitalized within the Cloud Command Center platform.

    We provide several levels of support, depending on your needs:

    - First level support to users.

    - Audits :

    • security: integrating new users, a new company, deploying a country, integrating different Cloud / SaaS applications;
    • use of the Cloud.

    - Application: assistance with interface maintenance, implementation of ad hoc reporting.

    - Deployment: assistance with deployment, monitoring and anticipation of new functionalities made available by publishers and analysis of opportunities to create value in their use.

    - Tests: industrialization of tests and execution during the implementation of new functionalities. Cloud solutions, because of their openness to a large number of users, impose greater rigor in the creation of an industrial and tool-based asset for recurring tests.


    Our service center develops competencies and support services on various HR/FINS SaaS solutions.

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