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Transforming Finance and HR with Innovative Cloud Solutions

Hyper growth, Hyper transformation, Hyper consolidation? A company must adapt to the current world, be agile and be able to engage its employees in its strategic project.


Cloud Solutions and ... Cloud Solutions

Not all cloud solutions are the same. There are those that are a "webized" version of old applications designed years ago, and then there are those that meet today's business needs: collaboration, engagement, simplicity, agility, mobility, real-time, global coverage, and configuration power.


Requested by its customers, Mercer has chosen from the beginning to develop expert knowledge in the configuration and integration of Cloud solutions. In this field, we only use innovative solutions.


Implemented with dual functional and configuration skills, accompanied by appropriate change management, well integrated with the IS and carried out as part of an agile project, they allow our customers to make a real leap forward in just a few months.

The domains of expertise where we are involved :  

  • Change Management

    Change management for your transformation projects


    The adoption of a SaaS tool for HR and Finance must give an important place to change management and training.


    The adoption of the processes and "best practices" proposed by the digital solutions platform; the "agile" method of setting up a SaaS project; the very nature of the tool, which relies heavily on the decentralization of process management, are all elements that reinforce the importance of change management and training.


    - How to express the expected added value for the company, the divisions, the subsidiaries and the employees?

    - What are the impacts of the project on the organization, the work?

    - How to encourage the adoption and use of digital solutions?

    - How to anticipate resistance to change, communicate, and mobilize business players?

    - How to monitor the level of use of the platform?


    The challenges of a digital solutions project cover :


    - adherence to the reasons for the change;

    - the involvement of the actors;

    - adoption of the tool and processes;

    - measuring the value generated and expecting the expected ROI.


    Key success factors

    The conditions for the success of a digital solutions project are based on :


    - the ability to position the project and its necessity within the framework of the execution of the company's strategy;

    - mobilization of sponsors and an effective change network;

    - the implementation and planning of a communication and training strategy;

    - measuring the added value generated in order to make the change happen;

    - anticipation of continuous training needs (arrival of new employees, new functions, etc.)


    Our added value

    Mercer's SaaS Transformation Services business supports companies in the design and implementation of change management and training initiatives that are essential to the success of an HRIS and IS Finance Cloud project.

    Mercer offers its expertise to create customized programs for digital solutions projects.

    An approach adapted to your needs

    Mercer builds an approach that allows to explain the stakes of the digital solutions project, to encourage the adhesion to the transformation process and the appropriation of the new tool.


    Our programs can cover :

    - strategy and impact assessment;

    - communication;

    - identification, mobilization and involvement of a change network;

    - digital solutions training as part of the;

    - continuous training for digital solutions, when new versions or new functionalities are implemented.


    A change management program specifically designed for digital transformation projects:

    - provision of a methodology covering strategy, planning, change management and training programme management;

    - adoption of the tools provided by Community digital solutions;

    - transfer of competence;

    - measurement of value added;

    - coaching and continuing education. 

  • Integration

    Integrate the digital solution with the Information System



    Business applications have little added value if they are not integrated with the Information System.


    Interfaces have traditionally been complex to implement, maintain and extremely expensive. In addition, the responsibility for these interfaces has traditionally been left to the customer by traditional solution providers.


    The solution offers a platform that fully addresses the subject of interfaces. The platform natively offers integration features that enable easy-to-implement interoperability. It offers packaged connectors as well as tools via its Cloud Platform Integration and Cloud Connect Integration that allow the solution to be connected with third-party solutions such as payroll, finance, time management, an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory or any other application via custom integrations.


    Key success factors


    The quality of the integration with the rest of your information system is a key element to promote the use and added value of the solution.


    Relying on the solution as a global and unified system of record and then as a system of engagement for employees and steering for managers requires the platform to be the master system.


    Our added value


    Mercer's technical teams will support you in:

    ·audit of the existing architecture and definition of the integration architecture of the solution with your information system;

    - mapping ;

    - the implementation of connectors or standard packages;

    - development of specific integrations (ISB, Workday Studio for complex interfaces), APIs or middleware-based integrations (if required);

    - testing ;

    - monitoring, maintenance and management of integrations via our post-go live services.

    This ensures that you benefit from the investments that have been made by the integrator or its partners in this area, that you benefit from a unified Cloud platform that is integrated with your IS and that you reduce your costs.

  • Implementation

    As a specialist in digital solutions and a global player, Mercer will help you implement your deployment


    A digital project is often accompanied by a profound transformation of the HR and/or Finance function. Moreover, an IT transformation to a Cloud solution is approached in a radically new way.


    It is therefore necessary to be able to achieve several objectives simultaneously:


    - organize the HR or Finance function to refocus on strategy, content and service delivery;

    - harmonize processes for greater efficiency;

    - provide a change management program by an expert team;

    - make the most of the configuration power of the solution;

    - integrate the solution into the application landscape by making the solution the master of the rest of the HRIS;

    - implement a support organization (organization, skills, roles and responsibilities) adapted to Cloud solutions;

    - deliver value quickly.


    Key success factors

    Rely on a partner capable of supporting the transformation in a coherent and global way:

    - prepare the organization for a different project methodology (agile methodology, reference to standard digital solutions processes);

    - implement functionality in a unified, global way;

    - integrate the solution into the application landscape;

    - make the most of the power of configuration, while harmonizing processes;

    - conduct a change management and training program that is not out of sync.


    Our added value

    Mercer is exclusively an expert in HR, Payroll, Finance and digital solutions, providing unique added value to companies that choose to go digital.


    → Prouved: 100% specialist in digital solutions. All Mercer's SaaS Transformation Services consultants are certified.  

    → Simple: Mercer simply allows its clients to rely on the best: Expert Configuration, HR & Payroll Expertise, Change Management & Training,

    → Fast: Thanks to an enriched methodology, the know-how and experience of Mercer in the integration of digital solutions, our clients benefit from a partner that allows them to rapidly advance in their HR and HRIS transformation

    → Efficient: Our experiences are capitalized within our Cloud Command Center platform. Deliverables, Accelerators and know-how enable the most efficient digitalization projects.

  • Optimization of the Information System

    Are you getting the most out of your current HR/FINS system?


    Many companies have invested heavily in the implementation of information systems. Before considering a replacement or even a technological leap, it is appropriate to determine whether more value can be obtained from the investments already made, or even to obtain the value that was originally expected.


    We support our clients in their efforts to improve the value of their HRIS or to reduce its costs.


    Key success factors

    Optimizing an Information System investment can take several forms: the development of new functionalities or automatism, the correction of dysfunctions or a better use of the system.


    In many situations, it is necessary to realign people, processes and technology through an integrated initiative.


    Each situation is different, we work with our clients to determine with them the possible areas of improvement.


    Our added value

    There is always a way to get more value from the investments already made.

    Mercer accompanies the optimization of the Information System by assisting its clients CIOs, CFOs and HRDs with a double business and technological expertise. Our interventions aim to develop the added value provided by the HR-FINS IS.

    Thanks to our highly specialised expertise in HR, Finance and IS, we know how to get more value from Successfactors, Workday, Oracle, SAP, HR access, Oracle and more generally from all existing HR/FINS IS technologies.


    Our interventions cover areas such as :

    Deployment assistance:

    Whether geographical or functional, the development of IS use makes it possible to expand the population served. Better use of the IS through training also makes it possible to develop the value rendered by the IS and to lower its costs of use.

    IS expertise :

    - expert correction, back to standard initiatives;

    - adding features such as mobile solutions, social features.


    IS integration :

    Whether you have a newly acquired company to integrate into your HR/FINS ERP environment such as SAP, RH Access, Oracle, ... or to merge with an ERP environment such as Meta 4, Cegid or a specific IS environment to integrate with a Cloud solution.

    Whether you have to integrate two entities in France or on a European perimeter, integration is a way to develop the added value provided by the IS.

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